Happy Monday, April 22, 2019 church!

Sisters and brothers,

Happy Monday to all! I pray your day is going well and you are living in the light of the resurrection of Jesus. It was wonderful yesterday to focus on Christ Jesus’ complete victory over death. We celebrated it as we worshiped together and thought about the question, “Will we believe that Jesus conquered death never to die again?” We believe there is evidence that rationally verifies Jesus came out of that grave. But you have to decide something about that evidence. Many times people do not want to believe in the resurrection of Jesus because if they believe, they cannot continue to live life for themselves. Belief in Jesus resurrection requires submitting to Jesus as Lord, Master, Boss and Ruler of your life. It means losing your personal agenda and surrendering to God’s agenda and God’s mission. It also means seeking to continually surrender to God’s will and God’s agenda as you continually confess Jesus as Lord. So the question we asked yesterday is a question we ask ourselves every single day, “Will we believe that Jesus conquered death never to die again?”

We are exploring the possibility of conducting some “Five Day Clubs” for children this summer at homes.  The clubs will last five days and be 1½ hours long each day.   Those hosting them would have to have a background check done by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  If you think you might have children in your neighborhood that you could invite to one of these clubs and would like to host a club, please contact me.    

Love being your pastor!    

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church