Happy Monday, August 21, 2023, church!

Sisters and brothers, 

Happy Monday to all! It was wonderful to worship with all of you yesterday. We missed those of you who could not be with us. We studied Mark 8 and thought about the difference between slow learning and no learning. The most important necessity for learning and seeking Jesus is wanting to grow closer to Him. If a person wants to seek Jesus, they will find Him and grow in Him. A person might be slow in learning how to follow Jesus, but he or she will learn and grow if he or she desires to learn and grow. So, we need to ask ourselves if we truly are a seeker of Jesus? Do we want to know Him and grow increasingly in our love for Him? Are we among those seekers of Jesus who will be satisfied in every way with Him like those 4000 who even forgot to eat? Are we a seeker of Jesus that often needs adjustments to our thinking to learn better how to know and walk with Him? Jesus will not give up on us. Be careful, however, that you are not among those who refuses to seek Jesus, leaving you forever frustrated and questioning. Will we be among those who want to learn of Jesus or among those who refuse to believe, learn, and grow in Him?

We will observe the Lord’s Supper during our morning worship gathering next Sunday, August 27, 2023.

Remember to keep praying continually for each other. None of us know fully the burdens our brothers and sisters in Christ might be carrying.

Love being your pastor!

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church