Happy Monday August 29, church!

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Monday morning! I hope your day has started well. It was great to be with you yesterday and worship together. We missed those of you who weren’t here and pray you also had a great day. Yesterday, we worshipped our great God and learned that He will always provide us with whatever we need to serve Him. He may not provide it until the exact right time, but He will always provide for His work. We learned that as we serve Him and share the good news of the gospel, some will not receive the gospel. We move on and share it with others because there are those who may be waiting to respond. We also learned that sometimes God will call us to some impossible task we with our strength and resources cannot accomplish. God does this to show us that when we are at the end of our strength and resources, He is there to do what He alone can do. There is nothing He cannot accomplish! He is the God of the impossible who uses imperfect vessels like us to show His mighty power.

As we seek to share the gospel with family and friends and with others, I am reminded of Paul’s burden for his fellow countrymen who had rejected the gospel. He wrote about this in Romans 9. The intensity of his burden was profound and could have been paralyzing. However, he kept praying and seeking to share the gospel with his fellow Israelites and he also took the gospel to those who were more open. Many of you have family and friends who continually seem to reject the gospel. You are intensely burdened for them. Don’t blame yourself for their rejection of the gospel. God will bless every imperfect effort you make to share His good news. Keep praying for them and sharing the gospel as you have opportunity, but don’t let your burden for them keep you from sharing with others who may be more open. God is able to open hearts and He is hearing your prayers for those you love, so don’t lose heart. Keep being faithful and see what God can do.

We pray God’s blessing for those starting back to school this week. Have a great year! May God use you to be His light and show His love to those God places in your path.

Have a great week!

Love being your pastor!