Happy Monday, Janaury 9, 2017 Church!

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Monday and Happy New Year to all! Since this is my first “Happy Monday” email of the year, I pray that all of us will grow more in love with Jesus this year, that we will walk with Him, love Him, and seek to bring glory to His name. I pray that our love for one another would grow so the world would know that we are Jesus’ disciples. Finally, I pray our love and compassion for the lost and needy world that we live in will exponentially increase! We are part of Jesus’ unconquerable church and Jesus will lead us to total victory, so we can risk and try and move out in faith in 2017! This is going to be a great year!

Ladies, put noon, Saturday, January 21st on your calendar! The ladies will meet at The Great Dane in Fitchburg (2980 Cahill, Main, Fitchburg, Wisconsin 53711.) Plan on coming and invite a friend!

It would be a good time to start coming to Bible Study on Sunday morning. Jason Donaldson does an excellent job in teaching the Scriptures for adults. You will learn if you attend on 9:30 AM on Sunday morning. We also have Bible Study classes for children and youth that have excellent teachers who love children and youth and teach God’s Word. Also, if you are not in a small group, think about starting to attend one this new year. We have men’s groups that meet on Tuesday evening and Saturday mornings. There are ladies groups that meet on Monday evening and Saturday morning. We also have a ladies group that meets during the day on the weekdays. If you need any information on these, contact me.

Love being your pastor! Let me know if you need something. Looking forward to our next time together!

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church