Happy Monday, May 16, 2022, church!

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Monday to all! I pray your week has started well. Yesterday as we worshipped our greater Redeemer and Lord, we learned from Romans 1 about our great need for rescue and salvation. Often people wonder why they need to be saved. Romans 1 reminds us of the great danger every human being is in outside of Christ. God’s wrath, His holy hostility to all evil, all sin, has been revealed. We see sin as just some kind of mistake or error in judgment. However, God’s Word reveals that sin is destructive, deadly, and damning. Sin is a vile poison that destroys our relationship to God and our relationships with each other. Sin is war against a holy and good God. Because God is holy and God is love, God hates sin. God has a continual and holy hostility to this poison of sin! Sin was so horrific and evil that the only way it could be forgiven was for God’s Son to pay for it by dying in our place on the cross. Every person needs rescue from sin. We need a Savior, a Rescuer. Jesus is the only One who can rescue us. Jesus will rescue us as we trust Him and call on Him. We only need to acknowledge our great need. Holy God rescues us through faith in Jesus from the evil that has captured the hearts of every human being.

We are giving out baby bottles for each of us to collect offerings between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for the CareNet Pregnancy Center of Dane County. Your change, checks and cash make a difference. (If you do write checks, please make them out to CareNet Pregnancy Center.) When you fill a baby bottle you are helping to provide life-affirming resources to those facing unintended pregnancies through the ministry of CareNet Pregnancy Center.

Remember to keep praying continually for each other. 

Love being your pastor,

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church