Happy Monday, May 6, 2019 church!

Sisters and brothers,

Happy Monday to all!   We had a great day of worship yesterday as we took the Lord’s Supper together and remembered the sacrifice Jesus made for us to be justified before a holy God.  We remembered that by faith in this sacrifice we are united to Jesus and to one another.  We then from Matthew 9 considered whether we really believed God could help us in whatever circumstances we were facing, or if we just said we believed.  We learned that we could look to Jesus to work in any situation when others had failed us.  We learned that we can looked to Jesus to help as we understand who He truly is:  the one and only Savior and Messiah.  We learned that we can look to Jesus for those we love even if they can’t or will not look to Him themselves.  Your prayers for those who won’t or can’t look to Jesus make a difference! We learned that that we can look to Jesus for help in our impossible situations because Jesus cares for us.  Yesterday I closed the message with a story about my Dad.  My Dad was six years old when his mother died from breast cancer.  As a child the only thing he later remembered about his mom’s funeral was one of the songs that was sung, “God will Take Care of You.”  The testimony of my Dad’s life was that that God  had always taken care of him.   Many of us can also share that same testimony and proclaim that God will always take care of all who look to Him.

Our next Pot Luck luncheon will be after worship on Sunday, June 2.

Love being your pastor!    

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church