Happy Monday, November 27, 2023, church!

Sisters and brothers,

Happy Monday to all! Yesterday as we looked in Luke 1 at the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptist, we saw that living for Jesus is a life of preparation. God is always preparing us as His children for what He will do now and what He will do in the future through us. God prepares us for what is ahead as we walk with Him today. God prepares and works through us in spite of our imperfect faith. And God’s preparation of His people always leads to His perfect timing in working in and through their lives. Yes, truly, God prepares the world and His people for His determined times of deliverance.

I have come to love a new Christmas song called, “O Come All You Unfaithful.” It describes me and the mercy God has on me and all of us. I think you might like it too. Here is a link: O Come, All You Unfaithful • Official Video – YouTube.

On Friday, December 8, we will meet at the church building at 6:30 PM and then go out to carol in our neighborhood. Then, we will come back to the building and enjoy treats together. Plan to bring a Christmas treat we can share as we celebrate the season together.

During the month of December, we will be taking up the Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions. We encourage you to pray and give toward supporting missionaries who takes the good news of Jesus to places that have no or very little witness to the saving gospel of Jesus.

Remember to keep praying continually for each other. None of us know fully the burdens our brothers and sisters in Christ might be carrying.

Love being your pastor!

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church