Happy Tuesday, May 31, 2022, church!

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Tuesday to all! Sunday, as we worship and celebrated the Lord’s Supper, we remembered Jesus and what He did to provide forgiveness, life, and communion with God. We also take the Supper to remember that we need communion with one another. We are one with all who believe in Jesus. We need each other and are a part of one another as we are together the visible body of Christ on this earth. We then learned from Romans 2 about the deadness of ritualistic religion. We learned that religious knowledge without holy living provides a false faith that dishonors God. We learned that true faith in Jesus works from the inside out to radically change lives. We saw from Romans 1 and 2 that the blatant sinner needs a Savior, the moral person needs a Savior, and the observantly religious person needs a Savior. We all need forgiveness and life found in Jesus and knowing Him. What kind of faith do you possess? Is it simply outward and external? Is it simply the keeping of religious rituals and ceremonies? Or is it true faith in Jesus that they Holy Spirit has produced within you that gives the power and desire to live a life that bring glory to God. Is it the kind of faith that causes you to want every area of your life to be under the rule and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ? God’s Spirit produces faith in Jesus Christ that results in the total transformation of lives from the inside out.

We will have a potluck luncheon next Sunday morning, June 5, after our morning worship. Bring enough food for your family and a little extra for any guest we might have.

We will have a short, called business meeting next Sunday, June 5, to vote on the bids for seal coating and repair of the parking lot.

We are giving out baby bottles for each of us to collect offerings between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for the CareNet Pregnancy Center of Dane County. Your change, checks and cash make a difference. (If you do write checks, please make them out to CareNet Pregnancy Center.) When you fill a baby bottle you are helping to provide life-affirming resources to those facing unintended pregnancies through the ministry of CareNet Pregnancy Center.

Pray for Connie Boss’ sister-in-law, Alice, who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She has begun receiving chemotherapy. Pray for God’s healing touch and for her to experience His comforting presence.

Remember to keep praying continually for each other. 

Love being your pastor,

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church