Now My Eye Sees You

Job 42

The whirlwind has quieted, and God has stopped speaking. Job has been humbled by the LORD’s appearance. In this remaining chapter of Job, God both humbles his servant and vindicates him. Job now knows that the LORD is wise and powerful to manage the world he has created. Even though he cannot comprehend the purposes of God, Job’s faith has been strengthened to trust in him.

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Shall a Faultfinder Contend with the Almighty?

Job 28, 32-41

Throughout much of the book, Job has demanded a hearing from God. He desired to present his case before the LORD and declare his innocence. Now God comes to speak for himself. What he says is surprising to most of us, but what he says is enough for Job.

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I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Job 3-31

How do we respond when suffering comes? Moreover, how do we think about a God who is powerful enough to prevent our suffering, but does not? These are questions that Job wrestled with. A survey of his struggle reveals five responses to his suffering. His emotional responses range from hope to doubt to stepping over the line between God and man. Through Job’s struggle, we can see our own.

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Miserable Comforters Are You All

Job 2:11-31:40

A conversation between Job and his friends comprises the largest portion of the book. In this sermon we’ll focus upon the friends. When we first meet them, they appear as comforters. As the story progresses, however, they move from comforting Job to making accusations and casting judgment. Such “comfort” prompts Job to call them “worthless physicians.” God tells them, “you have not spoken of me what is right.” Where did they go wrong? How did they fail to comfort Job? We’ll try to unpack this large portion of Scripture and find some answers to these questions.

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Have You Considered My Servant Job?

Job 1-2

One scholar has said “God is not tame, like we like to think. He is a not a kitten; he is a lion. And he does as he chooses, but it’s not without concern for those who love him.” This point is well proven in the book of Job. How can God allow such suffering into his servant’s life? Must genuine faith be tested? These are but a few questions that are raised in the first two chapters of Job.

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