Embracing the Resurrection

Matthew 28:1-15

We remember that the Savior who conquered death conquered it for all who believe. Yes, there have been and are those who try to explain away the empty tomb since it occurred during the first century and since that time. However, the only truly rational, reasonable and believable explanation for the empty tomb is the Jesus rose physically from the dead! Jesus lives and we live in and through Him!

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The Testimony of the Enemies

Matthew 27:27-66

From Matthew 27, even the enemies of Jesus testified to the truth of who He is. All the things they said to mock Him while He was being crucified and dying in our place were statements proclaiming who Jesus truly is. He is King of the Jews and King of kings. He is the Son of God and the Savior of the world. Jesus did not save Himself, as His enemies tempted Him to do while He was on the cross, so He might save any who will believe in Him. Even today when hostile forces speak against Jesus, they truly reinforce the truth of Jesus as King and Lord before whom all must one day bow.

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The Condemnation of Christ

Brothers and sisters,

Here is a link to a message from your pastor from Matthew 27 on “The Condemnation of Christ”:

Here is the link to some songs to help you worship this Lord’s Day from Pete

Come Praise And Glorify –
Chris Rice – Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus) –
Behold Our God (CBU choir)

Pete and I pray that the Lord will use these to help us worship our great God and learn and be challenged from His Word.

I want to encourage you to be faithful in your offerings to the Lord through His church during the time we can’t meet physically. The work of the Lord goes on around the world. You can mail offerings to the church address. We should also by the end of the week have a way to receive your offerings online. As soon as something is set up, I will let you know.

I miss all of you. Love being your pastor,

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church

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