Pray Then Like This… (Part 2)

Matthew 6:9-13

In the second half of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus turns our attention from God (how he makes himself known, his moral rule, and his purposes) to our own needs, material, moral, and spiritual. This continuing pattern for our own prayer remind us regularly of the extent to which we depend upon the Lord for every aspect of our life, and the extent of his grace in those whom he holds as his children

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And When You Pray

Matthew 6:1-18

God expects his children to pray to him. Most of us, however, are like the disciples who said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” There is honesty in the disciples’ request; they wanted to know how to do something they had already been doing for quite a while. Didn’t they already know how to pray? This admission reminds us, if we’re honest, that prayer isn’t as simple as it sounds. We struggle with self-discipline, with focusing our thoughts, and with knowing what to say. Have I prayed long enough? Is God disappointed in my frail prayer life? Jesus’ response is commonly called the Lord’s Prayer. A close study of this model prayer will answer a lot of our own questions about prayer. So today we begin a four-part series on the Lord’s Prayer.

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