Happy Monday, July 25, church

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Monday! I hope your Monday is going well. It was good yesterday to worship with the family of God at East Madison and learn how Jesus is working among every group in society from top to bottom. God was among us, even answering our prayers as we met! It was also fun just watching people interact after the service was over and enjoying being together.

We are missing those of you away for activities, vacations and health reasons. All of you are being prayed for this week. Remember your brothers and sisters love you! It is good being able to get away from routine and spending time in special activities, enjoying beauty and possibly catching up with family. I hope all of you have that opportunity this summer. It is also good to come back together and be with God’s people. Carla and I worshipped with my sister and her husband, my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, and Carla’s parents while we were in Oklahoma. That was special! But there is also something special about worshiping with our church family, with people whom we know and love and serve God with week by week. Yesterday was sweet!

We have two more Tuesday’s for “Let’s Eat Out.” Let’s make the best of them inviting and meeting neighbors.

Have a great week!

Love being your pastor,