Happy Monday, July 11!

Brothers and sisters,

Happy Monday morning! I hope you are having a great Monday. Yesterday we met and it was wonderful to have been together and worshipped the God of justice, mercy, love and forgiveness. It was wonderful to worship the One who gave His life for our salvation. We took His supper together remembering that and remembering we are one in Him.

We talked about some things believers can do in response to last week’s horrible tragedies in our country that claimed the lives of seven people. We can grieve with those family members and friends who have suffered these horrible losses. We can seek to listen to those who have different experiences and perspectives than we have. We can, we must, pray that God would intervene and use us to be instruments of His justice, forgiveness and peace to others around us.

The message reminded us that when we truly believe in Jesus, He changes us and makes us different. He enables us hear His Word and empowers us to put it into practice. Those who simply hear the Word of Jesus but do not trust in Him and who do not put into practice what Jesus says simply delude themselves. We learned that what we do today is what we really believe and everything else is just religious talk.

I forgot to announce that next week, July 17, Kevin Phillips will be bring the message from Psalm 63.

Remember “Let’s Eat Out” Tuesday night on the church property from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Have a great week!

Love being your pastor,