Happy Tuesday, July 5!

Brothers and sisters,

I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the United States’ Independence Day yesterday. I pray God would be gracious to this nation. May the church as God’s people humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. May God’s people stop throwing stones at those who are already condemned because they do not know Jesus. Many of them have never even truly heard the good news of forgiveness in Christ. May we be continually telling them the good news that Jesus died to forgive sin, Jesus rose again and lives, Jesus loves, and Jesus will forgive, redeem, rescue and save anyone who will call on His name.

Sunday was a wonderful day as we worshipped together and were challenged by Tim Craig. The good news of the resurrection of Jesus is the best news the world has ever received! We need to be continually telling the story of Jesus’ resurrection and the story of how He changed each of us. We as individuals walking with Jesus together and sharing this good news can make a huge impact!

Have a great week!

Love being your pastor,