Community Groups

What is a Community Group?
A community group is a small group of people who gather during the week in order to minister to each other. We meet in various locations during the week to encourage each other, discuss the Bible together, and pray for one another.

Why join one?
God has built into us a need for other people (Gen.2:18; Eccl.4:9-11). Friendships are a good and necessary part of life, but most of our friendships don’t go very deep. The Bible describes a kind of relationship that goes beyond the surface. It involves sharing life with others and caring for one another’s souls. Community Groups exist for this reason. They are a place where we can encourage each other (Heb.10:23-25), guard one another’s souls (Heb.3:12-13), and pray and read God’s word together (Eph.6:17-18). Community Groups cultivate relationships that are good for your soul.

How do I join one?
Contact us for more information about Community Groups, including when and where they meet.