Is It True?

In a world of seemingly endless possibilities, there are really only two ways to live. As we’ve said, the bad news is that we are in sinful rebellion against God. The Good News, however, is that through the death and resurrection of His Son, God has provided a way to be pardoned. This is the Good News–or Gospel. When we trust in Christ’s death and resurrection, God will pardon our sins and give us a new life. Certainly you have a lot of questions, so we encourage you to consider this Good News by exploring the information below.

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Can I trust the Bible?

The Historicity of the Bible J.P. Moreland

The New Testament Documents F.F. Bruce

The Evidence for Jesus William Lane Craig

The Biblical Canon F.F. Bruce

Is Christianity Credible? J.I. Packer

What does the Bible mean when it talks about sin?

What is sin? D.A. Carson

What is sin? David Powlison

How bad am I? J.I. Packer

Is there such a thing as “just a little” sin? R.C. Sproul

Was Jesus’ death necessary?

Why did Jesus have to die? David Short

What takes place on the cross? Thabiti Anyabwile

What did Jesus’ death accomplish? J.I. Packer

Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Is the resurrection of Jesus important? J.I. Packer

Evidence for the Resurrection Josh McDowell

Is there a case for the resurrection of Jesus? William Lane Craig

If God is good why do we suffer?

Where is God? John Piper

What is the nature of God concerning evil? Phil Ryken

Suffering for the sake of… Joni Eareckson Tada

Why is there so much evil in the world? Tim Keller

Could God have stopped a tsunami? John Piper

If God is love why does hell exist?

Isn’t He a God of love? Reddit Andrews

The Biblical Doctrine of Judgment Leon Morris

What is hell? Tom Nelson

The importance of hell Tim Keller

What about other worldviews?

Is there a true religion? Dallas M. Roark

Darwin under the microscope Michael Behe

How are Yahweh and Allah Different? John Piper

How are Jesus’ claims unique among world religions? Jeff Louie

Don’t all religions contain truth? Grek Koukl

Moral relativism Peter Kreeft

Why can’t other religions save? R.C. Sproul

Hasn’t the atheism of Richard Dawkins eliminated God? Alister McGrath

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