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What Is A Healthy Church?
How can you tell if a church is healthy? What does it look like and do? Many of us aren’t sure how to answer these questions, even though we probably have a preconceived idea. In this book Mark Dever seeks to help believers recognize the key characteristics of a healthy church.

What Is A Healthy Church Member?
Thabiti Anyabwile delivers a helpful volume in the wake of Mark Dever’s What Is a Healthy Church? by asking the infrequently-asked What Is A Healthy Church Member? An extremely important book for those wondering what their involvement with the local church should look like. John MacArthur writes, “In an era when Christians seem confused about what kind of community the church ought to be, here’s a helpful book outlining the church’s true biblical priorities, especially as they apply to individual church members.”

The Cross of Christ
John Stott’s The Cross of Christ has had an impact on more than one generation of readers. Stott’s simple style combined with a deep desire to communicate the beauty and glory of the redemption which Christ accomplished on the cross make this volume not to be missed.

The Atonement
Why is the cross central to Christianity? The Bible uses different words and images to answer to this question–words like covenant, sacrifice, Passover, redemption, reconciliation, and justification. In plain English Leon Morris explains each of these words, thereby opening up the meaning and significance of the cross. Whether you desire an introduction to the death of Christ or a deeper understanding, this book is an excellent resource.

Knowing God
J. I. Packer’s Knowing God moves the reader toward a greater understanding of and joyful inclination to God. There are not many books that have changed more lives, other than the Bible itself, than this very book. If you or you know someone who might know of God, but not know him personally through the Lord Jesus Christ, this is an excellent volume with which to gift them. A true feast for the soul.

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