Happy Monday, September 12, 2022, church!

Sisters and brothers,

Happy Monday to all! Yesterday as we took the Lord’s Supper, we remembered how God had called broken and ruined sinners to come to His table and receive life. We remembered that Jesus paid with His blood to give us this life as we took the bread and juice. Then from Romans 8, we thought about waiting on the Lord. As long as we are in this fallen world, we will be waiting. There is coming a day when God will make every believer completely into the image of His Son. There is coming a day when God will completely restore His creation to its original goodness and perfection. Romans 8 reminds us of these truths. It is the great climatic chapter of Romans assuring believers of our complete redemption, the complete restoration of God’s good creation, and the total confidence of God bringing us into His forever presence. Jesus will come for those who believe and belong to Him, and creation will then be completely restored! But until then we wait. Right now, the Holy Spirit is praying for us and changes us into becoming increasingly more like Jesus. Right now, we can live daily in the confidence that nothing will ever separate us from God’s love found in Christ Jesus.Christ is coming back, and everything will be made right. As we know these things will come, we are in a period of waiting. Believers long for the day of the complete restoration of the goodness of God’s creation.

We will have a potluck luncheon following our worship service next Sunday, September 18. Bring enough food for your family and a little extra for any guest we might have.

I received this update from Connie Boss about her sister-in-law Alice on Saturday evening.

“Alice is home having hospice come in. The chemo did not shrink the tumors. She was in a lot of pain. Now they are trying to keep her comfortable. I was able to spend the afternoon with her. That was good.”

Please continue to keep Alice in your prayers and pray for Connie and the family in this situation.

During the month of September, we are taking up an offering for Minnesota/Wisconsin State Missions. There are special offering envelopes available for this offering.

Put October 29 on your calendar for “Trunk or Treat.” We will need lots of candy and plenty of help to reach out to our community on that day. We will be picking up the block party trailer, overseeing bounce houses and other fun activities, publicizing “Trunk or Treat” on Facebook and throughout our neighborhood. “Trunk or Treat” will be an “all hands-on-deck event.” Pray for God’s blessing on this outreach and for your specific part in helping.

Remember to keep praying continually for each other. 

Love being your pastor,

Bob Ray, Pastor, East Madison Baptist Church