Risking Everything on God

Genesis 11:10-11, 26-32; Genesis 12:1-9.

Believers can risk everything on God knowing His promises will be fulfilled.

United For Disaster

Genesis 11:1-9.

Mankind united-apart from submission to Jesus Christ as Lord-results in confusion and destruction.


Seeing the Reflection of God

Genesis 9:1-17

God graciously entrusts mankind with caring for the earth and people who are all made in His image.


God’s Care

Genesis 7-8

In the midst of life’s most violent storms, God always provides and cares for those who trust Him.


One Faithful Person

Genesis 6:1-22

Almighty God as ultimate judge is merciful to those who trust Him.


God the Pursuer

Genesis 3:1-24

God pursues sinful men and women and provides the way for us to be restored to Himself and each other.