John 21:1-25

Jesus calls us to be on mission with Him by following Him wherever He leads us.


From Doubt to Faith

John 20:24-31

Jesus calls us to battle through our doubts to sure confidence in Him.


Out Of Sorrow Comes Joy

John 20:1-23

The empty tomb testifies Jesus forever conquered death and destroy death’s power for all who will believe in Him.


Thank You for the Cross

John 19:16b-42

Jesus dying on the cross and completely providing forgiveness and salvation for all who believe should receive our deepest gratitude.

The Trial of Jesus

John 18:18-19:16

Jesus the King of the universe became the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world.

Responding to Crises

John 18:1-27

Believers weather any crisis when we remember God knows a crisis is coming and trust Him to calmly lead us through whatever we face.


From Tragedy to Triumph

John 16:16-33

Jesus Christ transforms for believers the tragedies of life into ultimate triumphs