Matthew 2:10-11; Luke 1:42-44; Luke 1:12-14; and Luke 2:9-11

The presence of the Jesus the Savior brings ultimate joy.



Isaiah 9:6, Luke 2:14, and Romans 5:1

Peace with God and others comes only through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.


No Sacrifice Too Great

Luke 18:18-30

No sacrifice is too great in order to know, love and walk with Jesus


Seeing God at Work

Luke 2:1-38

God’s activity is all around us if we have eyes to see it.


Magnifying His Great Name

Luke 1:26-56

If people remember us for anything, it ought to be because of our connection to Jesus Christ.


Making A Statement

Luke 19:28-40

Believers boldly proclaim Jesus alone as Savior and Lord even in the midst of intense opposition.