Scripture: Romans

Which team are you on?

Romans 6:15-23

Do you belong to God’s team of life and righteousness or to the devil’s team of sin and death?

A New Sphere of Life

Romans 6:1-14

Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection frees those who belong to Him from sin’s power to walk in the life of God.

Overcoming Death

Romans 5:12-21

The obedience of our Savior Jesus more than overcomes the curse of sin and death that hangs over every human being.


Living in Peace

Romans 5:1-11

Christ Jesus death and resurrected life provide everything we need for our complete salvation.


Counted As Righteous

Romans 4:1-25

Righteousness is credited to all who will put their faith in Jesus who paid out full debt of sin.


The Deadness of Religion

Romans 2:17-29

God’s Spirit produces faith in Jesus Christ that results in the total transformation of lives from the inside out.


The Great Need

Romans 1:18-32

Holy God rescues us through faith in Jesus from the evil that has captured the heart of every person.



Righteousness Provided

Romans 1:1-17

God provides salvation through Jesus Christ to anyone who believes in Jesus.