Series: Luke

And She Gave Birth to Her Firstborn Son…and Laid Him in a Manger

Luke 2:1-7

After traveling through the first chapter of Luke, we now come to the main event in his birth narrative. Jesus is born. But few things about his birth are what we would have expected. He was born to a peasant couple, in an animal shelter, laid in a filthy manger. To top it all off, his first visitors were lowly shepherds. What did all of this mean? Why was the Savior of the world born under such humble circumstances?

He Shall Be Called John

Luke 1:57-80

The people asked, “What then shall this child be?” He would be a prophet in the spirit and power of Elijah. Not only did he look like the great prophet, but his voice thundered like him as he proclaimed repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Who was this man John? And what was his message? This sermon explains the mission and message of John.

How Can This Be, Since I Am A Virgin?

Luke 1:26-38

After appearing to Zechariah in the temple. God spoke again six months later. This time it was far away from Israel’s religious and cultural center. He spoke to a simple girl named Mary in a small, rural town called Nazareth. His message was the most incredible of all, “the child to be born to you will be called holy–the Son of God.”