Romans 16:1-27

Life is found in loving God supremely and loving others as Jesus has loved us.


Discovery Your Ministry

Romans 15:14-33

Discover God’s specific ministry for your life and serve the Lord passionately in that ministry.


Don’t Defy Your Conscience

Romans 14:1-23.

Believers continually remember we will answer to Almighty God for our faithfulness to Him and our faithfulness to helping His people.

Overcoming Evil With Good

Romans 12:3-21.

Believers seek humbly to live as representatives of Jesus while living on this earth by overcoming evil with good.

Embracing the Challenge

Romans 12:1-2.

Surrender yourself to God and join Him in His mission as His living servant.


Softly and Tenderly

Romans 10:1-21

Grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone provides the only way of salvation for every person who will believe.



Our Faithful God

Romans 9:1-33

God never fails to fulfill every promise He makes.