Jason Donaldson

3 John

3 John




Romans 1:14-32, Revelation 11:14-18

A Biblical study of Thanksgiving/Thankfullness


The “D” Word

Revelation 2:18-29

The church at Thyatira had an impressive character, according to Jesus. Not only did they show forth deeds, love, faith, ministry, and perseverance, but they were even growing in these things. However, the Lord has a correction for them in an area that has gained a bit of a bad reputation – doctrine. From His letter to this church, we can gain some very timely encouragement on how to hold the line on false teaching today.


Suffering and Glory

John 11

John’s account of the raising of Lazarus from the dead recounts a pivotal point in Jesus’s earthly ministry. The peculiar way that Jesus handled illness and death for his friends at this moment of history raises (and answers!) fundamental questions about life in this fallen world, and the way that this set in motion the events that followed show the fundamentally glorious purposes and person of God for all of history.


Living as Exiles

Jeremiah 29:1-14

Over 2,500 years ago, God’s people were uprooted and sent into exile, to live among a hostile pagan culture. God did not leave them without instruction, however, sending word through the prophet Jeremiah on how they were to live as his people in exile. Today, every assembly of believers is an outpost embedded in a pagan culture, and so Jeremiah’s message stands to guide us in how to live during the years of our sojourning.


God’s Greatness Made Known, Even in Apostasy

John 13:21-31

Sensational “deconversion stories” make the news, and seemingly threaten to undermine the faith. The Bible teaches us better than that. Certainly, it warns us to expect it and to guard against it. But it also shows us how great our God is, and how he glorifies himself even in the most egregious example of apostasy in history.